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juju deploy cs:graylog
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Channel Version Base
latest/stable 47
16.04 18.04 20.04
latest/candidate 47
16.04 18.04 20.04


  • debug

    Collect debug data

  • do-upgrade

    Perform a snap upgrade. This should be run after having already changed the configured channel and having followed the manual upgrade instructions documented in the charm's This action will perform the final automatic steps to complete the upgrade. If the channel config option has not been changed appropriately, this action will not proceed.

  • ignore-indexer-failures

    From NRPE check viewpoint, ignore all indexer failures that have occurred before the action is run. Future indexer failure occurrences will still be checked.

  • set-admin-password

    Set the admin password. Will be auto-generated if set to None or ''.

    • password string



  • show-admin-password

    Retrieves the admin password, either auto-generated or set in config.